A Bulletproof Morning

A Bulletproof Morning

A Bulletproof Morning

Our full-spectrum CBD & essential oil blends are honest and natural, made with top-quality, therapeutic ingredients. Because CBD is fat soluble, it is most effective when taken with saturated fats, such as MCT oil. Simply put, MCT oil acts as a carrier for the CBD in order to allow for a larger concentration of the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Our CBD tincture features MCT, Grape Seed, Avocado, Citrus Tangerina Peel &  Mentha Arvensis Oil that makes for a delicious twist for this Bulletproof coffee recipe. 


Why Bulletproof?

Bulletproof has been a popular topic in the health and wellness industry. The combination of caffeine and healthy fat can really kick start your energy early in the morning, keep you full longer and won’t leave you feeling jittery because the fat helps slow down the digestion of the caffeine.


The Recipe

Before making a recipe, determine the right dose for you, and use that as a serving. Dosing for CBD is difficult to measure because all bodies respond differently. Start small and increase is the best way to approach dosing. Less can sometimes be more, too much oil may affect the flavor or consistency of the finished product. If you are not seeing the results you would like to see, you can slowly add more. 

Time: 5 minutes
Makes: 2 cups (480ml)
Serves: 2


1. 2 cups (480ml) freshly brewed hot organic coffee

2. 2 servings of Whispr CBD oil


1. In a blender, combine the hot brewed coffee + CBD oil. Blend on high for 1-2 minutes OR until frothy. 

Make sure your coffee is cool before adding the CBD because you never want to heat CBD over 350 degrees. It doesn’t need to be room temperature (because who wants a cold cup of coffee). But make sure the CBD isn’t added to boiling hot coffee!

2. Pour into coffee cup and serve immediately with sweetener, if desired.