Behind the brand with David Blumberg

Behind the brand with David Blumberg

Behind the brand with David Blumberg


Meet David, the creative director behind Whispr's brand identity. 


What is a brand?

It seems today that everybody has a different definition of what a brand is. Is it a logo? Is it a website? Is it a perfectly executed digital marketing plan? Is it all of these things? I’ve been in the branding and advertising industry for over 15 years, and even with all the changes that have happened in the world in this period of time, fundamentally branding has stayed pretty consistent in its ambiguity. Perhaps an even more important question than “what is a brand?”, is “who is a brand for?”


Defining the brand.

 One of the founding principles of whispr is we are going to be a company that represents something significant. We are not going to be just another CBD brand that fills up shelf space and adds noise to the market place. We believe that branding plays a key role in helping us define this principle and as well as communicating our ethos.

Our Brand Voice.

Whispr is a company based on a simple yet powerful promise; LIFE BECKONS. This is not a slogan or a tagline, rather a deep-down belief system.  We believe there is a life available to everyone that is vibrant, fruitful, joyous, continuous, and meaningful. LIFE BECKONS is a call to action to yourself. To your true self. And it’s our dream to create a brand that is iconic-because of the actions and beliefs of those that we serve and the abundant life they lead.

“We believe that this is true for every person. And it’s our purpose to help you discover the life that beckons. So…are you listening?”