My Wellness Series Ft. Rachel Trujillo

My Wellness Series Ft. Rachel Trujillo

My Wellness Series Ft. Rachel Trujillo

My Wellness Series Ft. Rachel Trujillo

We sat down with fitness guru Rachel Trujillo to talk all things CBD and how yoga became the forefront of her health and wellness journey. 

Tell us about what you do and how you first got introduced to yoga.

Yoga came into my life when I was 16, and at first it was just for the physical aspect. My back was suffering from scoliosis at the time, but then once I started practicing more frequently I connected with all the other aspects, such as connecting your body and your mind. I became more aware of my surroundings and really tuned in to what I was feeling inside of me. 

I decided to take yoga teacher training classes, but I never thought I would teach, I just wanted to learn more about yoga. So I became certified, and come to find out I was definitely meant to be a teacher. It was so clear to me through the training that this was going to be the most fulfilling job I’ve ever done.

Everytime I’m teaching yoga I feel so in tune with my body and it’s just amazing to see other people doing their own healing. Being a facilitator for other people to do their own internal healing is priceless- nothing compares to that. I’m sending you love and I love this! 


What is one piece of advice you wish you could tell your younger self?

Definitely to love myself, I didn’t do that enough. I was too critical, which I think most of us go through when we’re younger. Instead of comparing and feeling insecure, just love yourself and know that at the end of the day, even if everyone else sucks, at least you have yourself. Do your own healing and be your own hero. 


What does your day to day self care routine look like?

Yoga is huge, but also meditating. Whether it’s a walking meditation or sitting meditation with your eyes closed (more traditional), any sort of meditation helps the rest of the day feel smoother. If I miss those things I feel lost and scatter brained. Mediation helps keep everything centered. 

As for physical self care, I mainly focus on exercising. I prefer being outside, all day everyday. Also, taking care of your vessels with basic hygiene is extremely important. Things as little as getting ready for the day can make a difference about how you feel. 

How do you “check in” with your mental health?

On a day to day basis I’ll practice breathing exercises that helps me connect with what’s going on in my head. In mediation they call it the monkey mind, which is continuous thoughts going on in a loop focusing on any worries or fears in the subconscious mind. Sometimes to relieve my monkey mind, crying helps to release any inner chatter I can't get rid of. 

Tell us your experience with CBD. 

I've sort of become a CBD conniseur. I have CBD flower that I smoke. But also CBD bath bombs are a game changer. CBD is great because it helps with pain and clears the monkey mind without feeling altered. 



What are some facts that would surprise us about you? 

I was raised vegetarian, and since I was a child I was never interested in eating meat. Fast forward to my adult life, I believe that my vegetarianism benefits my daily practices and keeps me in tune with my moral beliefs. 

Fun fact- To this day I've never eaten meat! 


Any current projects your working on?  

I host ecstatic dance, a donation based event, at Dharma Yoga house and Perspective where you can come and dance your little heart away for an hour and a half. It’s not a structured dance class, although it’s in a room with minimal lightning to promote any way to freely express yourself.  There’s also an opening and closing circle to set intentions for each class. I'm excited to continue to bring people together through the power of movement.