My Wellness Series Ft. Brady Field

My Wellness Series Ft. Brady Field

My Wellness Series Ft. Brady Field

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was gifted my mothers maiden name as my own, Bradeson, but I go by Brady. Hello dear reader, we’re not friends yet, but we will be. I was born in Newport Beach into a family of artists and writers spanning generations. Family life was a bit abstract from the start, as no aspect of life was ever forced upon me. I never played an organized sport growing up as I was given the option. I was free to worship any religion, and saunter through creative outlets at will, so my days were spent in the sand coloring outside the lines. Being drawn to the ocean came naturally, and surfing was picked up through hard earned beatings in the shorebreak. Photography always intrigued me, and lead me to shooting events, concerts, and weddings over the years. But it doesn’t live in my bones. Writing has always resided there, and I am currently the copywriter for Volcom, Vissla, and various smaller brands.

What does a day in the life of Brady look like? 

If I’m not haunting a cafe on the Mediterranean or people watching in Paris during fashion week, you can usually catch me in the ocean or snow with fiery intention. I’ve owned a small business for 11 years which gives me the freedom to roam and focus on writing. When things are good I have the ability to drop what I’m doing, drive to LAX, and fly to Japan simply because I am able. Which I have done, with no plan, or direction, and just felt it out. Having that sense of freedom resonates deeply from a young age, and plays into todays daily life. Each day leads me in a new direction, so a day in my life doesn’t have any one look. 

Tell us about your love for writing, past jobs, favorite projects.. 

I would flip through books at a young age, and realized when a good line came to me the crooks of my mouth would turn up. My love started back then and they still turn up today when I hear or read a good line. The simple lines that hold deep meaning without the use of fancy words. Those ones. Those ones are the root for my love of writing. I have been sent out to write guides on Cuba, on Jazz festivals, on nightlife in various cities etc. always looking to peel back the secrets that live between the cracks and report back with simple honesty. Those are my favorite projects, where you become aware of the treasure hidden in plain sight.  

We heard you like to travel, tell us about the most memorable travel experience. 

The most memorable would probably not be filed under the healthy lifestyle directory, but a few months back I went on a motorcycle tour through the Himalayas without having ever ridden a motorcycle before. I learned as I went and the learning curve had no mercy. I was flying off the road, crashing every which way. I fell off a cliff and into the mud and kissed the gravel. I earned my scabs and bruised my body and slowly got the hang of it. This gas, clutch, brake mastery allowed me to see how people lived in the outer reaches, disconnected from technology and western civilization. They knew nothing of filling their days with instagram scrolls and that, you know, that’s exciting. To know that someone is still out there, living as they should, obedient to instinct, to survive the coming day. Living in simple necessity, and not want. It was a solid reminder how we should be. 

If you could offer three pieces of advice to someone who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle - what would that look like?

There’s no any one piece of advice, or three, for each individual. We all have what makes us tick and tock, and if I had to answer this honestly I would say to listen to the voice in your inner ear when it comes calling. Listen to you. Stare yourself down in the mirror, and let life sink to eye level. Feel it. What’s holding you back from your healthy lifestyle? Acknowledge what that is, break its jaw, take it home, and put it on the mantel. See it for what it is, and don’t lose sight of it. Then you can do a belly dance of good living in front of it and never look back.

What do you currently practice to maintain a healthy body & mind? 

I’m a practitioner of simply moving. Whether it’s small; a personal trainer, surf, or hike. To big; flying halfway around the world to sit in a bamboo forest to listen to the silence, and learn new languages on how to be. It’s all about balance. If you work hard and take pleasure in doing so, you have to counter it before your spirits get low and you lose yourself to the wrath of 9-5 cruelty. I keep a level of self awareness of this aspect, you have to tune into it. Can’t ignore it. Or else. 

How do you give back? 

This subject is always shape shifting. I have worked Christmas tree lots to sponsor families for the holidays. I have been a big brother and worked with youths. I became a bartender on a whim with no experience, and with the luck of knowing the right people, I got the job and just YouTubed how to make drinks. All the money I made behind the bar that year was wired to families in need. People called me crazy for that one, but I was able to do it, and if you’re able, you’re crazy not to. But nowadays I make it very well known people can reach out and talk to me. I let them know in full confidence on the other end will be someone who will actually listen instead of waiting for their turn to speak. I’ll put my phone number out on social media from time to time encouraging it. And you know what? I think we’d all be surprised how alone someone can feel in a crowded room. There are a lot of people suffering in silence from anxiety, depression, and buried shame from sexual abuse. We work to unspool those webs, as you’d say, for health and wellness. And I don’t usually talk about these things as I sound like a monster of self regard, but if it inspires someone to take action to make someones life better if not today, but definitely tomorrow, I’ll take it.


What’s something about you that would surprise most people?

I think people get surprised how far I will go to be there for someone. People think I’m off on Oahu living it up, but really I flew out there because someone can’t stop drinking for weeks and reaches out. Health and wellness holds no boundaries. From New York, to orphanages in Baja, I’ll be there if you really need me. I think we all need someone sometimes, in various ways. The only other thing I can think of is the surprised look on peoples faces after they’ve tried one of my desserts. I’ve circled back to culinary classes in my life, and can humbly say my lavender Crème Brûlée cracks a smile on even the most hardened person.

Which people have had the most influence on you and why?

Joan Didion. Her writing holds more weight than any other in my humble opinion. I spoke earlier about writing in simplicity but with feeling, she’s the master of it. She’ll make you feel a spectrum of emotion in a single paragraph. My late father would read her books, and we would talk about her prose in depth while he was cooking. My fathers grace in the kitchen, love for travel, and overall worldview is something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my days. And I found very similar influence from Anthony Bourdain. I kind of adopted him as the father I never knew. He kept it real in all the right ways. He had his demons and spoke about them openly. He was the heart of the less-pretentious. He would sit down with any walk of life and share a meal and listen to their stories. To what they had to say about their lives. Their struggles. His shows held a lot of emotion, it wasn’t just about the food. It was about how food brought us all together. And in a world where people sit and stare at their phones at the dinner table, I think it’s wise to remember what Anthony was trying to show us all along.

What inspires you every day?

Everything. To the way light dances through the tree leaves, to a persons body language walking across the street, to the vocal tone of the store clerk on the eighth hour of her shift, to the look on the face of a boy flying his kite, to the vibe of backyard bbq’s, to the tissue paper like skin on my grandmothers hands, to the knowledge that anything worth having has it’s price, to my dads whistling in the garden, to the fragile nature of nature, to the realization the only true currency we share in this bankrupt world are the moments we share when we’re uncool. Everything.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell that sniveling punk to be quiet and listen and observe. My father was an amazing chef and I wish I paid more attention to his movements in the kitchen, as no movement was ever wasted. I would tell my younger self to not discount the feelings of others at times. I would tell him to remove himself from the party scene, because then is when you see who’s who. I would let him know at times he was being a bad person. I would encourage him to keep discovering beauty on his own terms and let it come to him like fever. I would grab him by the arms and remind him to be a good person, because simply, he is able.