My Wellness Series Ft. Maile Pollock

My Wellness Series Ft. Maile Pollock

My Wellness Series Ft. Maile Pollock

My Wellness Series Ft. Maile Pollock

We had the opportunity take our team on a self-care journey to Maui, and explore some of the most beautiful beaches and hidden waterfalls with Maile. Tell us about your experience shooting with the team? 

During the early days of sunny November, I met up with the lovely Whispr team. A locally grown, and all natural CBD brand, all about promoting self love with a ton of self wellness sprinkled on top! :)

I decided to take the team to one of my favorite hidden gems. We Hiked through dense, lush jungle forests until we reached this special waterfall. Crystal blue waters, soft sunlight really made for the perfect secret location for our photoshoot. 

"Capturing the mood of Whispr wasn't hard, as every minute I felt more appreciative of the beautiful island we inhabit every day."

A few hours into the shoot, we were so excited at the content that we were capturing, we were quickly discovered by a nearby local who came to "investigate." He was immediately annoyed at our being there, as he felt that we were either trespassing, or desecrating the area in some way. Unfortunately, this does happen. People will hike into certain areas, and leave trash behind, or be disrespectful. With a few words exchanged, he quickly realized that the model we were shooting actually had family on the property, and we had full permission to be there. He just asked we treat the land respectfully and not geo tag the location, as it can quickly become flooded with tourists. I think that sometimes we all forget just how much this happens, in the era of social media. As much as we want to explore and enjoy new places, we must not forget to respect the laws, and culture in each place we visit. Whether that be in our backyard, or in another country. 

We finished our shoot with amazing images, and unforgettable memories. From Polaroids, to disposable Film, our shoot was a complete success. 


What do you currently practice to maintain a healthy body & mind? 

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! I cannot stress that enough. Throughout my whole life, no matter how stressed out my life became; working two jobs, going to school, and keeping a sane household; exercise is a huge body and mind de-stresser. It can be anything from dancing ( which btw don't ask me, I have no rhythm ) to playing a weekly sport for a community team. I also feel like I go literally crazy, if I'm not taking a little time out of my week to sit down and draw something. Read a book, or even watercolor painting can be incredibly therapeutic. It's so good for your mental state to let out anything your feeling into a physical form. Oh, and Lastly (of-course, this is a given), drinking plenty of H20..

Do you currently or have you used CBD in the past? 

 Yes! Whispr CBD oils are some of my favorite to use for back and neck aces. I have used plenty of creams in the past like tiger bomb, and icy hot, never really seeing results. Caring around heavy camera equipment all day can be really taxing on the body. The only thing that has really ever helped is rubbing natural CBD on my body ache areas. My partner also has a full-time tile and stone company, so he is ALWAYS in some sort of body pain. CBD has really helped our bodies recover and de-stress from a long, hard days work. 

Any fun plans for 2020?

Travel, Travel, Travel! My partner and I have just recently invested in a travel trailer home, and we plan to do a lot of road-tripping around the U.S. Exploring and creating new memories is definitely something we are striving to experience. 

Any cool projects coming up?

Yes! Excited for a few destination Elopements, that I will be photographing this year! Meeting new people, and getting to capture love stories. Creating timeless, tangible forever-images gets me all giddy inside. 

What’s something about you that would surprise most people?

I'm a huge nerd. No like really...:D I'm watch a ton of Anime, and own every Gibli movie ever made. I even have FMA tattoos. If you know, you know, and I'm proud of them. 

What inspires you every day?

The beautiful freaking world we live in, and all the beautiful people in it. Oh, and my dogs. They're kinda my squad. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Find a community and ground yourself intentionally. Become more self-aware of your your unique narrative, and don't be afraid to be judged based on your artistic story. Never narrow your creativity based on the confirmation of trends, and never be afraid to be fail at anything.