My Wellness Series Ft. Sophie Machado

My Wellness Series Ft. Sophie Machado

My Wellness Series Ft. Sophie Machado

My Wellness Series Ft. Sophie Machado

My name is Sophie Machado. I was born to two incredible parents and raised in Orange County. I’m the middle child between two loving brothers, making me more of a boys’ girl. I value family and traditions as they were the fundamental pillars of my childhood. I have a deep love for art, literature and all things self-expressive. The most admirable surfer in the world happens to be my soulmate, and we have created and blended a beautiful family together. I am a business owner and an entrepreneur and find life most fulfilling when it’s full!



What does a day in the life of Sophie Machado look like?

I usually wake up pushed to the furthest edge of my bed tangled between blankets and the warm embrace of my son and husband, buried somewhere underneath our sweet 85 lb. Labrador (and let me just say I wouldn’t have it any other way). Rob and I get our kids off to school and it’s straight to the grind. I typically get a few days of physical fitness in and work on strengthening the body. As the owner of Salt Culture, a boutique carrying an array of women’s clothing, men’s clothing and home decor, the workload can be vigorous. I tend to be working on buying, curating campaigns and events, redesigning our website and creative content, blogging, merchandising and operational duties. I have an incredible team of fierce women on board who I also consider family, and make all of this possible. Then it’s back to home life where I’m usually making a mess of the kitchen while trying out new recipes and sipping a glass of Solento. Our home life is mostly private but dinners are usually full of our closest friends and family. Then it’s off to bed to do it all over again.


You wear many hats; you’re a mom, a devoted wife, and business owner. How do you make time for yourself and maintain a healthy work/life balance?


I strive to be a leader in most aspects of my life. As I mentioned before, family is everything to me. As I age I have learned that life is about balance and priorities, and you simply can’t dance every dance. A life as abundant as my own requires an immense amount of communication and planning. I do my best to set time aside to be alone to regroup, focus and pray. I am constantly rearranging and scheduling things and it doesn’t always happen. My belief is that if you schedule the time, you then make it more visible and apparent and it becomes easier to accomplish.


If you could offer three pieces of advice to someone who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what would that look like?


1. Schedule! I plan out even what I’m making for dinner when I leave the house.
2. Set goals! Hold yourself as accountable as you would for a meeting, a date or an event. Your self-worth should match or outweigh the above.
3. Effort! The hardest part of going anywhere is putting your shoes on.


What do you currently practice to maintain a healthy body and mind?

Living healthy is a choice. I do my best to eat a balanced diet full of whole food nutrition. I usually shop on the perimeters of a grocery store; that’s where the real food is. I am also a foodie and enjoy cooking at home and making most things from scratch. I get by with a little help from my friends—Juice Plus, Whispr and coconut oil. I go to the gym and try to be as active as I can. I witness my best self when my mind is clear and my spirit is in the right place. Going to church and cutting time out to hear God’s word and journaling often.



What are your health and wellness goals for 2020 and how do you plan to accomplish them?


Oh gosh...this could take a couple pages! My main goal is to enjoy the process. Often times we set goals and it’s as if we have punished ourselves. Goals are set to better ourselves. Although they can be tiring and hard work, I try to find the fun in it and enjoy it. Instead of taking it all on solo I’m making everyone do it with me. Do it together, find a friend or do an activity with my husband. Let’s make meals in the kitchen, start a food fight or laugh through workouts. Planning active trips, like to the mountains and snowboarding with friends. Be more present. I find myself planning for everything and missing out on things happening now. Stoping what I’m doing to be in the now.


Describe your personal experience with CBD.

I started using CBD about two years ago after an injury, and it made an incredible difference. I use it often. I find it best helps to slow myself down, relax and unwind. Being that I feel as if I never stop, it's been my go-to. I love the roll-on when I’m feeling sore or uneasy. The tincture is my night cap. I love to take it before a bath or bed.


How would you describe your overall philosophy towards health and wellness?


My PhiloSOPHy is: I always want to feel my best, and I think that’s our responsibility to ourselves. Of course we’re all human and fall short, but inevitably we are responsible for how we feel. Happiness, health and well-being are all choices, so choose them. Don’t hold yourself to


others’ standards or feel like you have to fit society’s definition of what thin is or follow which diets are trending. Growing up we never owned a scale. My mom used to say that if you can stand in front of the mirror naked and feel good then that’s what matters.
What’s something that would surprise most people?


I dream every night and remember every single one of them, and have kept a dream journal since I was twelve.


Which people have had the most influence on you and why?


My grandparents, parents, husband, Bridget Bardot, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jesus. They have all been my guidance counselors, lifelines and inspirations—from life lessons to admirable writing and defining a woman.


What inspires you every day?


Clean and open spaces, blank white canvases, music, literature, scents, my children’s innocence and husband’s patience. The ocean. I often find myself day dreaming and in awe of God’s creation.


What advice would you give your younger self?


Be mindful and cognizant of your time. It’s the most valuable asset you have. Like my Grandpa used to say, “There are two things they don’t make any more of, time and land. So spend it with people you care about and see as many places as you can.” - Pasquale R. Vilardo.