My Wellness Series Ft. Natasha Chaibun

My Wellness Series Ft. Natasha Chaibun

My Wellness Series Ft. Natasha Chaibun

My Wellness Series Ft. Natasha Chaibun

We sat down with boss babe Natasha Nicole Chaibun to talk everything from business to self care & healthy living. 


How did you get started with Hurley? 

I started out as the Women’s Merchandising Intern 10 years ago, and with the help from my bosses and coworkers, growth was possible for me. I was so focused on my career and growth within the company that I remember saying no to a lot of opportunities, and never taking time off – low and behold it paid off, because within the year I was hired on the the Women’s Printable's Merchandiser.

A few years later, I became the Digital & DTC Merchandiser for both Men’s and Women’s, and ultimately relaunching Hurley Women’s as the Global Product Director.  – I feel incredibly lucky.

 What does your job entail?

I’m responsible for leading the creation, improvement and growth of our global women’s business. In other words, every category is managed by myself, along with the help from some of the greatest product managers and designers in the industry. Together we make sure our swimwear, surf, sportswear, accessories and footwear for each season are answering the needs of all our regions, as well as on trend for our marketplace.

That is amazing, congratulations on all of your success with Hurley! What would you say is the most exciting part about your job?

The people! What a dream to get to work with all your best friends, and it’s a huge plus that we’re in the surf industry. There’s always something different going on, from photoshoots, meetings galore, to fun surprises like musicians recording in the studio, or an athlete wanting to check out the latest and greatest.

We definitely believe in creating a strong work, life, balance. Its important to take time to do the things you love, how do you enjoy spending your free time?

I love to eat out and host. I feed off people and their energy and there’s nothing better than sharing a meal with a glass of wine and just talking. You’re able to connect on such a greater level than the usual texts or dm’s we all send to one another. Second, I’m a huge movie goer. Is going to the movies twice a week too much?

2020 is all about self care! Describe your ideal self-care routine!

Masks, masks and more masks! Not only does it make my skin feel great and rejuvenated, but it forces me to slow down and quiet my mind… well for 20 or so minutes. After the zen fades, it still gets me energized to be productive the rest of the day.

 Any other ways you like to de-stress & relax?

My current morning commute to work is such a dream. Am I crazy for loving my 40 minute commute? Maybe. But how could I not? I drive Pacific Coast Highway every morning and it forces me to appreciate where I live and how lucky I am. Sometimes I even drive in silence, I find it therapeutic just thinking and processing whatever may be on my mind.

What are your favorite healthy foods / snacks? 

Does Organic wine count? Haha, kidding. Fruit is my healthy snack of choice. I find cutting all kinds of fruit pretty therapeutic, and I love the fact that they’re sweet (Given my secret sweet tooth).

 Do you have a workout routine or any favorite work outs? 

I’m a huge fan of reform pilates. The small calculated movements and how much attention has to be paid to each movement (since you’re on this crazy machine) helps get my mind off anything stressful.

 What does self- love mean to you?  

Appreciating your body, mind and soul for all that it is and offers you. Everything positive and negative made you who you are, and who you are is worthy. You are worthy of love, time, care, appreciation, all of it. We all hold a purpose.

 What is one piece of advice you wish you could tell your younger self?  

Just breathe – and let yourself go. Be you – don’t think too much. You will become exactly who you wish to become by just being.