The Whispr CBD Oil Limitless Set is now available with our highest concentration 1000mg Tincture and a 50mg Roll On. This set is perfect for those who have tried CBD, understand how their body responds, and prefer a higher-milligram product. 

What it is: 

Our full-spectrum CBD oil Roll On Elixir is infused with a therapeutic blend of essential oils and active botanicals. Life giving peppermint, orange peel, lemon, clove bud, avocado, and rosemary oils — rich in nourishing fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals — help reduce pain from sore muscles or tightness. The earthy-mint notes leave your skin healthy, glowing and smelling gorgeous. 

Our tincture is made with full-spectrum CBD oil, nootropic and essential oils, formulated to help you restore balance and fight the tyranny of pain and stress. Featuring a tangerine and subtle mint flavor, it pairs well with coffee, smoothies, fruit-infused water, or a latte. It’s also delicious under the tongue. 

Certificate of Analysis - Tincture

Certificate of Analysis - Roll On

Why you’ll love it: 

New to CBD? Try both a topical and tincture and discover you respond to. Save when you bundle both products. 


Tincture - 30ml, 1000mg

Roll On Elixir - 15ml, 50mg

Using organic hemp CBD grown in Oregon, Whispr only uses full-spectrum CBD oil of the highest quality with therapeutic essential oil blends. Our tincture flavor is tangerine with subtle mint. Our roll-on elixir is a luscious marriage of patchouli and wintergreen.  

Whispr is a premium self-care brand rooted in CBD and the healing power of plants. Our full-spectrum CBD oil & essential oil blends are honest and natural, made with top-quality, therapeutic ingredients. Our mission is to enliven the human condition, strengthen immunity, and inspire a healthy body, mind, and soul.